MEDRAY Class IV Laser in Walworth
at Community Chiropractic Center

Class IV Laser for Pain Relief & Decreased Inflammation

Class IV therapy uses infrared electro magnetic energy to promote healing and regeneration in the cells. It is found that patients experience pain relief and faster healing times. Class IV laser therapy is non-invasive and generally safe for most patients. It is a highly recommended therapy for painful conditions and injuries. We utilize the technology of MEDRAY Class IV laser which stimulates the production of cellular enzymes. The laser light is placed against the skin and protons penetrate several centimeters down and are absorbed by the mitrochondria.

Class IV Laser is Effective

Bone Spurs
Plantar Fascitis
Tennis Elbow
Golfers Elbow
Rotator Cuff

Herniated Disc
Tendinosis & Tendinitis
Stress Fractures
Shin Splints
Runners Knee
Carpal Tunnel
Ligament Tears

Hip Discomfort
Neck pain
Back Pain
Muscle Strains
Joint Sprains
Archilles Tendinitis
Nerve Conditions
Post-Surgery Healing

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