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Looking for the best chiropractor in Walworth, Fontana, Lake Geneva, Delavan & the surrounding communities?  Community Chiropractic Center has been the go-to office since 1994 for neck pain, back pain, auto accident injuries, sciatica, disc herniations, whiplash, joint dysfunction, sports injuries, osteoarthritis, and more. Dr. Bernice L. Elliott and her team provides spinal decompression therapy and quality spinal care for all family members

Patients are top priority and are made to feel like family. We always offer a free consultation to see if we can help. Call us at (262) 275-1700 to book a convenient time that works for your schedule and we will have you feeling better soon!

Meet the Team


Kelly Johansson

Chiropractic Technician & Patient Care Coordinator

Ruby Blodgett

Patient Care Coordinator

Carrie Davis

Insurance Specialist
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