Chiropractic Techniques at Community Chiropractic Center

Adjustment Techniques

We use highly effective adjusting techniques to help patients improve their spinal biomechanics and reduce nervous system interference. The approaches used are based on clinical judgement and years of experience.

The following techniques are used at our Walworth chiropractic office:

Diversified Technique

This technique is the most widely used in the field of chiropractic. The diversified technique uses a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust to restore proper movement and alignment of the spine and joint dysfunction. Patients will sit or stand while the doctor positions the joint for movement. With a quick thrust, the affected area is pushed back into the normal range of motion.


The ArthroStim Instrument allows the doctor to maintain the effectiveness of your treatment while greatly reducing the amount of force that is applied, which makes it easier to use on a wide variety of conditions and ailments. Patients typically notice a positive difference with the first treatment.

Thompson Technique

The Thompson technique is a variation of the Diversified Technique that uses a special chiropractic table that is equipped with several segments that are referred to as drop pieces. These segments are adjusted up a fraction of an inch so that when the thrust of the adjustment is delivered, the table will drop.  The purpose of the drop is to open the joint during the adjustment. The drop pieces have the dual purpose of assisting in the thrust while simultaneously minimizing the force required for the adjustment.

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